Pinnables That go Viral (and how to make your own)

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Ever see those pins that just seem to go off on Pinterest? Yeah me too! Some amazing pins have got hundreds of thousands of repins and are the number one driver of traffic to the blogs of small business owners just like you. Imagine what a viral Pin would mean for your blog traffic and ultimately for your income. (got … Read More

Ten Dirt Cheap or FREE Props for Styled Photos

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On top of being able to take great photos, the content of your images matter too. Without my huge studio cupboards and shelves filled (ok overfilled) with gorgeous props, my photos would be pretty meh. Some of my props cost well into the thousands of dollars and other cost as little as a few cents (thank you Ebay!). Here are … Read More

4 Visual Trends That will Dominate 2017

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After working in the wedding photography industry for over a decade, I learned pretty fast how to spot and predict trends. Some are classic and will always be hot but experience a surge every now and then, and some are purely of the moment and will fade pretty quick. Here are four trends that will be big in 2017, so … Read More

Surprising Tips To Killer FlatLays


How to easily get amazing flatlays even if you’ve never taken a photo before! So, I’ve had so many requests from IG followers and Facebook fans on how to get better flatlays. Once you understand the basic principles of light, styling and composition – I promise yours will start to look seriously amazing. Here are the answers to some of … Read More

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Waiting is all well and good, but what if all the good things are gone when your time comes? Hustle, get in there and work for it and take the cream from the top, not the dreggs from the bottom. You got this.

5 Ways to Take Better Styled Photos for your Blog


Do you want to take better photos of your products but not sure where to start? Surely 5 tips would be simple enough to implement right away? I have been photographing professionally for over a decade and these are the core top tips that make images stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s flatlays, product shots or mockups to add … Read More

5 Steps to Elevate Your Online Image


You know those blog posts that ramble on and seem to take forever to get to the good stuff? This isn’t going to be one of them. BAM! Subscribe if you want freebies, tutorials and the latest news.┬áLink after the juicy info below! 1. Choose one or two fonts and be consistent You know the people I’m talking about when … Read More

Styled Stock Photography for Hustlin’ Lady Bosses

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Have you ever tried to take photos for your blog , Instagram or Facebook page only to end up throwing in the towel out of sheer frustration? Have you tried to find affordable styled stock photos that give you a consistent image online only to be disappointed in the number of similarly themed images or the overwhelming price? You have! … Read More