Christmas Styled Stock Photos

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CHRISTMAS STYLED STOCK PHOTOS Christmas! Ah, my favourite time of year. Let’s be honest, it’s mostly the music and delicious food, but there’s also something in the air that just makes me feel happy and so excited. Shooting Christmas stock is fun, I play Pentatonix Christmas Album and Michael Buble and (laugh at me now) Hanson’s Christmas Album! Yep, I … Read More

New to Oh Tilly Styled Stock Catalogue July 2017

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I really think the world is lacking in bright, happy stock photos. While the white background images definitely have their place, I’d love to see more happy and bright coloured images on blogs and IG feeds. So for the month of July, I am adding a massive collection to the styled stock catalogue. It’s called Yellow Aesthetic and it’s bright and … Read More

Five Ways You Are Doing Product Photography Wrong

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FIVE WAYS YOU ARE DOING PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY ALL WRONG DO YOU EVER FEEL LIKE AN IMPOSTOR WEARING A PHOTOGRAPHER'S CAP Do you try to get amazing product photos or images for your social media and can’t figure out why they look, well, less than showstopping? Do you get all excited to start taking beautiful photos of your beautiful products and then … Read More