35 Images from ONE styled stock photo

35 {and more} Images from a Single Stock Photo? Is it really possible? 

When I stop and think of something almost every business person wants the two things at the top of the list are 1. To be able to clone themselves, and 2. To get more bang for their buck. 

Sadly I haven’t invented a cloning machine, it’s just not on my to-do list OK! But I can help you to make the most of those styled stock photos you have invested in, or are about to invest in. 

Sometimes a monthly membership isn’t in the budget, and you just need some amazing photos for not much cash outlay. You can afford one or two photos and that’s it. 

So how do you make that stretch out over website images, social media posts, Facebook branding? 

Oh Tilly Styled Stock Photos are incredibly high resolution (minimum 4000pixels x 2667pixels up to a whopping 5472pixels x 3648pixels) and you can zoom in to reveal incredibly sharp detail in most images, this means you can crop in a multitude of ways while maintaining amazing quality for online use. 

(please note that some images are creatively blurred which means they aren’t so great for cropping like this) 

If you don’t believe me, I will prove it. Here is a single Oh Tilly Styled Stock Photo (to be released October 1st ’17) 

See lots of lovely crisp little details. There is also an iPad in this image and I have added in a generic pretend website as a sample. If you were using an image with a mockup screen or frame you could add your screenshot or design to the mockup and then crop creatively, or you could crop the image many ways without adding in your own design. Or do both and double the amount of images you get! 

And here are more than 35 different ways to crop this single image!

First I cropped using the square crop tool, perfect for Instagram, Twitter or Facebook posts. 

Here are five lovely images for social media. Without even rotating the image. But after I cropped these I started rotating and flipping the image and it really expanded how many little pictures I could create. 

That’s when the possibilities really opened up! 

Flipping The image makes things look completely different again. 

Get in close and show off those details.  

Crop so that you have white space to add text or logos to. 

And then I went on to create 8 separate long tall images perfect for Pinterest Pinnables. Just add a title and they’d be perfect. Tall images that take up major real estate on Pinterest for higher repins.

So that takes the total tally to 43 images in this single blog post from ONE STYLED STOCK PHOTO.

If you’re purchasing high resolution images that have plenty of beautiful features then cropping this many ways is only a matter of jumping in and doing it. 

If you’re in need of a large number of images for different purposes and can’t stretch the budget to a membership (which would be instant access to hundreds of photos), then check out Oh Tilly on Etsy or Creative Market where you can pick up individual images or small collections. Then crop like mad and use them until they run out. 

Just to recap, here’s a giant long long pinnable image with all 35 crops!

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  1. This is amazing! I’m new to the blogging world and I really appreciate the monthly freebies. I hope to soon be able to get a paid subscription.

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