4 Visual Trends That will Dominate 2017

After working in the wedding photography industry for over a decade, I learned pretty fast how to spot and predict trends. Some are classic and will always be hot but experience a surge every now and then, and some are purely of the moment and will fade pretty quick. Here are four trends that will be big in 2017, so jump on them now and say you started the trend. 😉


Rose Gold, it’s still so chic and more and more amazing companies are releasing products in rose gold. More than ever before. It’s still in, so stock up babes!


Eroded brush fonts & rustic calligraphy fonts. Those gorgeous fine calligraphy letters are trending more in the dry brush look. Think rough edges and dry strokes. Beautiful penmanship will always be in, but 2017 will be all about brush fonts.  Faith & Glory  is my absolute favourite and a BIG tip for 2017, so if you’re logo shopping suggest this one to your designer!

YEP. STILL. IN. Pantone predicted two pastel colours as their colours of the year for 2016. I predict that pastel pinks and blues will still be big in 2017, with a particular emphasis on blues in fashion. So buy up on those pastel blue dresses and shirts!
A really awesome way to use your pastel styled stock photos is for featured images and background images on your website/blog.

Oh yes, monochromatic logos and office décor are going to be big next year. Keep your eyes on all the Instagram influencers and see the (always classic but currently trending) monochrome madness! Monochromatic logos are going to be replacing multicolour logos, people are finally moving back to simpler logos after a few years of very heavily flourished logos. Simple lasts a lifetime!
Whether you’re shopping for a new logo, decorating an office, adding some pizzaz to your wardrobe or just keeping an eye on what to offer your clientele next year, this is my HOT list. Jump on it now!

Ps: This post contains an affiliate link. I only recommend products I actually use myself, but occasionally get enough for a coffee for sharing the link with you.

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