5 Steps to Elevate Your Online Image

You know those blog posts that ramble on and seem to take forever to get to the good stuff? This isn’t going to be one of them. BAM!
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1. Choose one or two fonts and be consistent
You know the people I’m talking about when I say that some people are all over the place with their fonts. Don’t be that guy/gal! Here are a few very simple suggestions for Google font combinations that I whipped up in about ten minutes. Google fonts are great because you can use them pretty much anywhere on the web very easily.  Get Google Fonts Here 

Google Font Combinations 1 2. Select a colour scheme and stick to it
I use a great tool at colourlovers.com that helps me to pick colours that will go together, and also see what other people love! I’m a big believer that simplest is best, so my advice is to stick with less than three colours. Check out Colour Lovers Here

3. Choose a simple logo that works in colour or mono
I find text based (just your name or business name) logos are the best. If you look at the most successful logos of all time, text based come out on top. Make sure your logo is legible, people won’t remember a name they can’t read. I recommend hiring a professional graphic artist to design your logo, or at the very least purchasing a premade logo from a website such as Etsy. A home made logo can drop your online credibility if you don’t know what you’re doing. Test Based Logo Inspiration 1 4. Use only amazing quality photos on your blog/IG/Facebook 
If you have a hard time taking photos that scream quality, then it might be best to use stock photos. Oh Tilly stock subscription is extremely affordable and all of our images are of the highest calibre. If you are a DIY fan then check out this blog post on how to elevate your photos to the next level. Launching Soon subscribe to be notified when we go live here: Stock Photography Subscription

5. Pick a ‘theme’
…and don’t stray from that theme (eg: black and white, luxury, gold and navy, beachy, natural, tropical) Particularly on feeds where all images are seen at once like IG or Facebook. These are three beautiful Instagram feeds I follow from three amazingly talented women. Runner Kimhall Design By Aikonik and The Daily Femme.Sample IG Feeds with a theme 1

So that’s it. Pretty simple tips that you can put into action TODAY! So go forth and have a beautiful online presence.

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