Christmas Styled Stock Photos


Christmas! Ah, my favourite time of year.

Let’s be honest, it’s mostly the music and delicious food, but there’s also something in the air that just makes me feel happy and so excited.

Shooting Christmas stock is fun, I play Pentatonix Christmas Album and Michael Buble and (laugh at me now) Hanson’s Christmas Album! Yep, I still love Hanson all these years later.

The first half of the gorgeous Christmas images this year are based on a black, white and red theme. These contrasting colours really pack a punch!


The second part of the series are more Scandi inspired images with light colours and presents wrapped in brown paper.


So whether it’s bold and luxurious or chill and Scandi that suits your taste there is something for you in this year’s Christmas series from Oh Tilly. These babies drop on the 1st of December 2017. If you’re not a member then it’s time to change that. Membership Options here

Please share the love, here’s two gorgeous Pinnables for you to easily share to Pinterest. 

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