How to Take Great Photos of Your Kids


Ok ok, so I can't do everything. I can create amazing styled photos for you to use in your blog or business, but you also need photos of your own life, family and children. 

Before I was a styled stock photographer, I spent almost 13 years capturing families and weddings so I know a thing or two about taking photos of people *wink wink* 

So here are some of my tips to taking great photos of your kids. 

1.Don't Force it 
Oh boy if I had a nickel for every time some parent tried to bribe their kids to cooperate I'd have about $20 dollars. Photos of children who are being forced to cooperate are really awful, lets be honest! But by interacting with your kids and capturing their natural excitement you will have photos that not only capture the true spirit of your children, but will draw the viewer in and make them feel like part of the moment. 

For this photo all I did was stick a bucket over his head and say "where's that little boy gone", then he popped out with this natural face! Adorable! 

2. Tell Them to do Something Crazy
Jumping as high as they can on a trampoline, running the fastest they've ever run before, doing ten cartwheels in a row, spinning around until they're dizzy. These sorts of prompts bring out crazy huge smiles and make for some of the best and most memorable photos you will ever take of your kids. 

Spray yourself in the face with the hose! 

Cover your face with your hair then blow it away.

3. Use Props
Anything to get your child playing and forgetting that there is a camera in front of them. My son's favourite game has always been peek-a-boo. Daddy's hat provides an awesome hiding place. 

4. Sneak up on Them Connecting with Nature or a Pet
Children are often the most considerate and beautiful when they don't realise you're right behind them. So leave them to their own devices and hide behind a doorway to capture some of their most endearing moments. Here are my two with their new kitten, Chewbacca (now a fully grown Himalayan furball), on the day we brought him home. 

5. Always Keep Your Camera Close for new Learning Experiences
First steps, first time they eat icecream (or lemon!), first time they get muddy or dance in the rain. These moments make for amazing images because they record amazing moments. 

(first attempt at riding a skateboard)

6. Let Their Little Bodies be Lost in the Wide World
Take a step back and show just how small they are in comparison to their surroundings. You will want to remember how little they were once. 

Underneath the huge jetty on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia; my children are dwarfed by the monster structure.

7. Out Takes are Often the Best Photos of Children

The hands down, best Christmas photo of a baby ever (at least in my opinion) 

So there you have it, whip your camera out for any of these moments and you're guaranteed to capture a winning shot of your beautiful children. You don't need a great camera or even photoshop all of the following images were taken on my smartphone and edited in Instagram or the Picsart Phone App. 

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