Member Spotlight – Shayna Fernando Artist & Creator

Every now and then a business pops up that just fills you with joy.

Someone with a burning passion for their clients and work, someone who is committed to changing the lives of their customers again and again and again.

Shayna Fernando is one such person!

You can find Shayna on Instagram here:    Shayna on IG    and at her website here:   Shayna Fernando

Shayna creates unique and breathtaking graphics for her clients all over the world. She isn’t a trend following run-of-the-mill graphic designer – she marches to the beat of her own drum and as a result there’s nothing else quite like her out there.

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Shayna about her business and what makes her tick. This is what she had to say.

Tilly: How does your business change lives?
Shayna: Honestly, if you’d asked me that when I started this business, I really wouldn’t have thought that it did. But it does. I see that now. My artwork captures the joy of a moment…a memory. It makes people smile, recall something they may otherwise have forgotten…and now I understand, that that alone can change someone’s life.
My graphics create something for people in their own businesses. I allow them to see themselves without all the judgement. Polished. Branded. Professional. Over and over, I’ve watched a client unwrap a logo and step up – to start being bigger, bolder, MORE of them. Confidence. My graphics turn doubt into confidence!

Tilly: What does your typical day look like?
Shayna: Every day looks different, and I’m proud to say…we roll with my toddler and 12 week old mostly. We wake up early and run around the house. We walk to the park and catch some sun. Working mostly internationally, juggling the timezones, I generally have a meeting or two in the morning before sitting down to create. Some days I’m on my computer. Others, I work with my pens. In the middle of the day, while our babies nap, my husband and I get to come back to each other. Relax. Chat. Lunch. Netflix. In the afternoon we bounce. Music. Creating. Shopping. All the things. We take it as it comes. My workload fluctuates and I’m happy not having a plan. My business bends with me and I’m grateful.

Tilly: Who inspires you to be an entrepreneur?
Shayna: Two people. A hundred Percent. You, Tilly and my mentor turned friend, Christel Crawford. Watching you both choose for you – create lives that are so uniquely you – is inspiring! People questioned you. Doubted you. All of the things. You chose anyway. I LOVE that! Now I’m choosing too!

Tilly:What is your favourite self-care ritual?
Shayna: Honestly, nothing beats a long hot shower…washing my hair and crawling into bed. Nothing except the foot rub my husband gives me every night. I’m a lucky girl.

Tilly: What drives you to be a business owner, what keeps you from giving up when things get tough?
Shayna: My beautiful beautiful kids. Honestly, I never knew how much I’d want to be with my children, until I became a mum. I honestly can’t picture myself, returning to my 9-5…and missing all of the moments I share with them during the day. I know that it’s not always possible. Not everyone gets to spend that time with their babes, but I’ve built a business that allows my husband and I both to be at home, watching them grow. What we all get from that, is more than enough to keep me going on the bumpy days!

Tilly: Coffee or Tea?
Shayna: Tea. All the way. Chai tea! Leaves, with soy milk!!! Get. in. my. belly!!

Tilly: Mountain cabin or beach resort?
Shayna: Mountain cabin. All the trees. A fire place too? Yes please!!!!

Tilly: Sneakers or heels?
Shayna: Sneakers! For the good of mankind, sneakers!! I would fall and squish my babes for sure in heels. haha

Tilly: How have Oh Tilly Styled Stock Photos changed things for you?
Shayna: I was so busy creating in other people’s businesses, that I sort of forgot about my own. I couldn’t see it. Then I found OhTilly!
I have a business. I’m a successful entrepreneur.
Oh Tilly Styled Stock Photos allowed me to see that, and now…to share that with the world.

Tilly: What is your favourite Oh Tilly image or series?
Shayna: Oh, I can’t choose… I love essential oils and wellness. All the soft, natural lifestyle-y stuff…and the desktop mockups. I can’t get enough!!! 😀

Tilly: What is your top tip to other entrepreneurs who want to up their online visual game?
Shayna: Consistency. Find your brand and love it hard! Share something visually that makes people want to stop…and then, allows them to know who they stopped for. I don’t talk about my business a whole lot. But people see me everywhere. The love it, they want it and they know where to come. Being visually present, keeps you in your potential clients’ awareness. You never know when they’ll be looking for ‘that’ person.

Wow! What an amazing entrepreneur, woman and creator.
Thank you Shayna for sharing a bit of your process, your why and your hot tips for our businesses.

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