Pinnables That go Viral (and how to make your own)

Ever see those pins that just seem to go off on Pinterest? Yeah me too! Some amazing pins have got hundreds of thousands of repins and are the number one driver of traffic to the blogs of small business owners just like you. Imagine what a viral Pin would mean for your blog traffic and ultimately for your income. (got you dreaming of mojitos on a tropical island just then didn’t I!) 

First of all you need to have content that is interesting, a great how to guide/tutorial, recipe or inspiring guide to success or a fulfilling life! Once you’ve got that, and I am sure you have that much at least, then you’re ready to make a pinnable image that is optimised for the largest viewing and most visual impact on Pinterest. Let’s get started! 

Size. I have found that the best size for pinterest images is 735 pixels x 1500 pixels. Pinterest shows each pin ALWAYS at the same width, in order to maintain their beautiful column appearance. But the size of individual pins within their page varies. In other words, you control how much real estate you take up visually (to a certain extent). I have found that 1500 pixels tall shows longer than the majority of other pins without activating the dreaded ‘click to expand’ button. So if you want to share enough info to get someone to click your link, this size is great! 


Bold headings! Well of course you want to attract their attention. Use a call to action, tell them about your free offer or your five steps to a solution to their problem (IE: a tutorial). Give them enough to draw them in, but not so much that they have no reason to click through. And please, don’t be dishonest, nothing will get you on a block list faster than a clickbait headline. 

Don’t go overboard on those gorgeous fonts. Yeah I know, I KNOW, there’s just so many beautiful fonts and I WANT ALL THE FONTS!!! But your pins will look far nicer and will get repinned more if you have two or less fonts. 

Beautiful crisp and clear, related, images. No one really likes to repin ugly pins. They want their boards to look beautiful and cohesive. So keep those images pretty. 
Because I love helping and giving things away that can make your life easier, I have added three correctly sized STUNNING pinnable templates to my free stock photos folder. All you have to do is sign up below to gain access and they’re yours for free (plus there are three free high resolution styled stock photos in there too!, gosh I’m nice). 

Just chuck these templates into your image editor of choice, Canva, PicMonkey or Photoshop – anywhere that you can add text, and Pin all the things!!!!! 

That’s it! Happy Pinning dear friends. x

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