Social Media Captions That Create Authentic Connections with Your Audience

One of the hardest parts about running a business (after finding photos that you can legally use of course), is creating genuine connections with your audience via social media platforms. 

Anyone can show up. Anyone can post. But it takes a certain kind of person to create real and authentic connections with their audience. 

I often struggle, I mean really struggle, to think of what to write on social media. There’s a toss up between being real and showing too much personality or being professional and ‘perfect’. 

Perfection is something I never strive for on social media, because the nature of social media is that everyone is imperfect and we are all in it together. 

So I sat down the other day to brainstorm writing prompts for my online presence. A list for social media bosses to refer to when they are so exhausted they can’t possibly think of what to post! (me, every week) 

Then I realised I should be sharing that with you. So here they are, 31 prompts for captions that truly connect with your audience on social media. Ready, Set, GO!

  1. I messed up
  2. Celebrate a win with me
  3. The most inspiring thing in my life aka reason I do what I do
  4. Somebody failed me, but I’m determined not to fail others in the same way
  5. How I relax after a hard day/week/month/year
  6. If I could go anywhere in the world where would it be and why
  7. Somebody who I look up to/why
  8. Best purchase I ever made
  9. Worst purchase I ever made
  10. Morning ritual I can’t live without
  11. Night time ritual that sets me up for a great next day
  12. 10 things I love about myself
  13. 1 thing I wish I could change about myself
  14. My number one time saving hack/tip for business
  15. Favourite quote
  16. What music always gets my creative juices flowing
  17. Why people thought I was weird as a child/teen
  18. My secret obsession
  19. My secret nerdy/geeky/kitsch love
  20. 10 reasons I love dogs/cats/birds/fish/horses
  21. The first time I____________ I was _________ but now I __________
    (eg the first time I tried asparagus I was disgusted, but now I eat it at every meal)
    (eg the first time I took a photo it turned out awful, but now I am a world class photographer)
    (eg the first time I took the subway I was terrified, but now I’d never travel any other way)
  22. Here are five things you need to know about me
  23. Where I want to be in five years time
  24. I need your help
  25. I want to help you
  26. The biggest problem I face as a ___________ (eg entrepreneur, woman in business etc)
  27. How I went from _______ to _________ (eg how I went from 20k p/a to 150k p/a in business)
  28. Why I won’t turn out like _________
  29. How being __________ made me swear I would _________
  30. My secret woman/man crush
  31. Where I go when I’m feeling uninspired

These prompts are an excellent start. Pick one and expand, elaborate. Share YOUR story with people. Make sure you are showing your personality. Use the language you would use when talking with a great friend over coffee. Here are some examples using the above prompts: 

19. My secret geeky love. 
A lot of people don’t know this about me, but I am a stark raving mad Star Wars fan, not the new ones but the first series. I own over 20 pieces of Star Wars clothing (mostly t-shirts)! 
Do you have a secret nerdy side? What is it? 

4. Somebody failed me but I’m determined not to fail others this way. 
When I first set out as a solo entrepreneur I was ripped off. I reached out to (what I thought was) a brilliant branding agency for a branding, logo and website package. They took my ideas and somehow managed to make me accept their product, which was not even close to what I had envisioned, and charged me $5,000 for the privilege. Now when you’re starting out in business, 5grand is a LOT to find and pay someone, especially when the finished product isn’t what you had dreamed. 
This is why I set out to create my styled stock photography to be so affordable. Over 1500 images in the library with monthly membership for as little as $20 per month (when paying 6 monthly). You can have the highest quality photography for less than a cup of coffee a week. No need to fork out thousands for a personal photoshoot when you’re just starting out. 
Have you ever been ripped off? Tell us what happened in the comments!

Now not only have I given my audience things to connect with me on a personal level, I have left them with a call to action each time. Asking them to comment and share their experiences gives them the opportunity to reach out to me and say ‘hey, me too’. This creates a genuine connection and helps people to like you. 

So go ahead and take just one of those prompts, an Oh Tilly Styled Stock photo and post away. There are 31 ideas, that will give you something to post every day for a month!

Ready to take your social media feed to the next level with SCROLL-STOPPING images that stand out in the never ending Sea of Sameness?

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  1. Hi tilly

    interested please struggling to keep up with posting my social media content could u let me know about a package for photography please

    Kat Cherry

  2. These ideas are great, exactly what i need to get my creative brain working again. Thank you

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