Sophisticated Monochrome Styled Stock Photos for Designers & Women in Business

You love that sleek black aesthetic, I get it, that branding look is SO LUXE, SO CHIC. 

Maybe you need dark, sophisticated styled stock photos so that your products and services can stand out in a market of brights and pastels. 

If so then Sophisticated Monochrome is for you (cheekily dubbed 50 Shades of Gray by a girlfriend of mine who is slightly Christian Gray obsessed).

Release Date: April 1st 2018. With 40 images including iPhone and iMac mockups, negative space in white and black and varying shades of gray, there is an entire collection to brand your website/blog or social media feeds. 

Here are the images from the collection (of course members receive the highest quality and these are resized and watermarked for preview purposes only)

I am so excited for this range, monochrome will always hold a very special place in my heart. 

If you’re excited too, please share the love!

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