Styled Stock Photography for Hustlin’ Lady Bosses

Have you ever tried to take photos for your blog , Instagram or Facebook page only to end up throwing in the towel out of sheer frustration?

Have you tried to find affordable styled stock photos that give you a consistent image online only to be disappointed in the number of similarly themed images or the overwhelming price?

You have! Well you’re not alone. I know a lot of amazing, talented lady bosses who have been in the industry for years but still either struggle to consistently get photos ‘just right’ or would rather spend that time laying back watching profits roll in while sipping a mojito on the beach (watching Netflix on the couch?).

styled stock photography 009
I for one am awful at accounting, so you know what? I pack that hot mess up and send it to a professional. I’d rather spend that time with my family (read: shopping for shoes).

So you want next level, crisp, clean, bright and CONSISTENT images for your online presence? This is where I’m your best girlfriend. Whether it’s as little as 3 free images a month (with a bonus IG quote thrown in here and there) or as much as several themed collections of images each month, I have something to help you get your online presence looking as beautiful as it sounds.

styled stock photography 008

Launching soon , Oh Tilly is a subscription based photography agency that produce professionally styled, edited and curated galleries for you to instantly download and begin using without the need to credit the photographer in every single post (because that gets so annoying right!).

Oh Tilly will also include social media quotes (amazing for Instagram), words of wisdom, some adorable graphics packs, and branding inspiration.
AND we will be accepting a limited number of pre-launch subscriptions with the first three months for the price of two. Which is even more amazing value.
Stay tuned details coming soon 🙂


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