Styled Stock Photos for Baking & Cake Making

How sweet is a good Sunday afternoon baking sesh!

If you love a good bake-up then you should share some of your favourite recipes online. Recipes receive a massive amount of repins on Pinterest (especially when they’re accompanied with great images and rich pin enabled). So you should get in on some of that sweet sweet recipe action.

I also have a tonne of recipes ‘saved’ using Instagram’s ‘save post’ function. That way I can find them again easily.

February 1st 2019 is the date these beauties will hit the Oh Tilly Styled Stock library and you can find them in our new filterable browsing library or download the entire collection in the original folder library. Take one or take them all (much like I did with the batch of cookies I baked this morning).

Perfect for Instagram posts. They crop so well as they are super high resolution!

Share on Facebook with a link to your recipe or blog post or just your top baking tips.

They make great backgrounds for Pinterest graphics too.

If you’re not a member yet you can become one today for instant access to over 1400 Oh Tilly high resolution Styled Stock images.

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11 Comments on “Styled Stock Photos for Baking & Cake Making”

  1. These are such gorgeous photos! I have trouble taking relevant photos for my blog posts, especially when I’m writing about baking in general and not a specific recipe or creation. Perhaps I need to start looking into stock photos in order to save myself a lot of time and stress!

  2. These are really amazing and I cant believe that you offer these as stock photos. Incredible cant wait to check out more.

  3. oh my gosh i love this- im always looking for some great baking cake photos ha and these are simply stunning! These def make great background photos! thanks for this!

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