Ten MORE Cheap or Free Props for Amazing Styled Photos


10 MORE Cheap or Free Props for Amazing Styled Photos


After all the wonderful feedback I received from the first series of TEN Dirt Cheap or FREE props for Styled Photos I decided to write a second series. So here’s Ten MORE prop ideas that you can utilize today to create amazing styled photos for your blog or business and a WHOLE LOT of gorgeous inspiration to sink your eyeballs into. 

1. Cameras (new or vintage). I love seeing cameras in styled photos. Especially quirky old film cameras or super cute polaroids. 

2. Glasses. Rose gold, black and white, sunnies, reading, novelty. Whatever the type glasses make great fillers in photos and if you find a really unique pair they make great features too! 

3. Candles. Oh boy, I have so many candles. Naked, wood wick, in glass jars and my most favourites – in novelty jars. I have a great big gold pineapple candle and the most stunning rose gold owl candle. 

(I picked up this Rose Gold beautiful owl from a local handmade Soy candle maker and it smells like dreams!!! Oh gosh, I’m addicted to sniffing it when sitting in my studio working, hehe. It’s from the wonderful Queensland local DM Aromas

4. Artworks/Handmade goods. We go to handmade markets on a regular basis. I am always picking up beautiful sketches, paintings or handmade decor for my home. These unique and often one of a kind (OOAK) items make great props for photos. 

(Not at all locally made, this stunning keychain/bag charm is handmade in the UK with real leather and it’s an OWL!!!! So cute. From CocoBarClay London

5. Makeup & Beauty items. An open lippie, a trendy tube of hand cream, your gorgeous new eyeshadow palette. Make like an Instagram Influencer and include your gorgeous makeup in some photos. 

6. Keyrings or bag charms. Some of the cutest accessories in my photos are just Keyrings I picked up because I thought they were cute they can infuse colour and little pops of details/interest to an otherwise boring image. (see the above stunning yellow owl from Coco Barclay London) 

7. Lacy Lingerie (that’s it, go through your unmentionables drawer).  Another gorgeous trend of the Instagram influencers is to include a sweet little lace bralette. Add a soft feminine edge to your photos. 

8. Giftcards/Postcards/Inspo Cards. There are so many super cute cards out there with beautiful gold foil quotes on them and photos of exotic places. 

9. Bits of nature. Shop your garden. Last weekend I spent the morning picking glossy green leaves from a tree in my garden and they photographed so beautifully. Think twigs, branches, leaves, petals, rocks or if you live by the sea there is sand, sea glass and shells! (just make sure you’re allowed to take them with you) 

(I love the way these shells compliment the pearl on this gorgeous hand made necklace I photographed last week! Necklace by Mikah Handstamped Jewelry

10. A styled breakfast tray (there are several in our home and we have so many timber serving boards which also work). Add flowers, a cuppa, a coffee maker and a croissant and it’s a show stopper! 

So, after reading TWO posts (first one was here)  with over TEN affordable prop ideas in each, surely you can think of at least ten things you have in your home right now that will make for amazing photos. Go forth and make pretty!!!! 



4 Comments on “Ten MORE Cheap or Free Props for Amazing Styled Photos”

  1. Fantastic tips! Just shows that you don’t need to spend heaps to fill in your flatlays! Thank you 🙂

  2. Your photos are so gorgeous! These are amazing tips but I think I like your pictures better than anything I could create hah. I’m definitely going to give these tips a try though but I’ll probably be back for some stock photos 😉


  3. So true Sophie! If you have a few of these laying around + a few from the first list laying around – Boom! You have a great styled flatlay. 😉

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