Wellness & Essential Oils Stock Photos

Essential Oil & Wellness Styled Stock Photos


You love wellness, and EO’s are your Go-To whenever you need anything from relaxation to an immune boost to disinfecting your entire home. I get it! This girl has a whole cabinet full of essential oils. 

So when I started receiving a whole lot of emails from wellness entrepreneurs asking for some gorgeous styled stock photos featuring oils and wellness items, I was happy to oblige. 

This series is the first of many! More wellness series will be coming to the Oh Tilly Styled Stock Catalogue in 2018. So keep your eyes on the blog! 

Many of the images in this series feature a normal desktop with amber essential oil bottles, these bottles are unlabeled and could represent any oils. There are several screen mockups for you to showcase your website, social media or designs. 


Many images in this series also include lavender and purple details, they can represent lavender or any other essential oils. Plus, more mockups to showcase your best work! 


So if you’re a wellness momma, or an aromatherapist or just a blogger who wants to write about how you use essential oils, there is something here for everyone. 

Please share the love with these gorgeous graphics below. 

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